Ashley S

Fat loss (muffin-top), muscle building, to be able to do pushups, pull ups, back squats
Ashley Solo | Best Personal Training Fitness Gym Singapore | Surge PT: Strength & Results

Final stats 5 months

Body Weight : 47 kg —> 47.3 kg (recomposition — dropped fat, built muscles)
BodyFat : 21.3% —> 17.2%
Arm : 25 cm —> 26 cm
Hips: 89.5 cm —> 84.5 cm
Thigh 45.3 cm —> 46 cm
Waist 69.5 cm —> 66.5 cm

When Ashley joined Surge, her primary goal was to establish a solid foundation in strength training and attain a more toned physique. Collaborating closely with her dedicated trainer, Maria, for four transformative months, Ashley exceeded her expectations in numerous ways.

Through consistent training and guidance from Maria, Ashley witnessed remarkable progress. She can now confidently perform push-ups and squat close to her own body weight, conquering fitness goals she had always aspired to achieve. Not only has she experienced an increase in muscle definition and gained impressive core strength, but she has also embraced a sustainable and enjoyable dietary plan carefully crafted by Maria.

Ashley With Maria 3 | Best Personal Training Fitness Gym Singapore | Surge PT: Strength & Results

Here are some of our performance achievements:1) We started with box squats and now she is doing 40 kg BB back squat at 10 reps confidently, and her own body weight 47 kg x3 reps.

2) At the beginning, wall push-ups and 4 kg DB bench press felt like a lot of effort and were very unstable. Now she’s doing 12 push-ups with good depth and we started practicing weighted push-ups. She has also improved on the DB bench press 10 kg x 10 reps, and the DB shoulder press 10 kg x 8 reps.

3) Her arm and back strength was almost nonexistent at the start, and she had kyphosis due to the sedentary nature of her job. Today she’s working towards pull-ups and is able to do 12 reps with the medium (yellow) band.

Ashley also says that she enjoyed her high-protein and low-carb diet, and realized that it was much easier to shed off her excess of belly fat than she initially thought.

During the training period, she also picked up running which she used to enjoy before, and built up the distance to 10 km.

Ashley With Maria 2 | Best Personal Training Fitness Gym Singapore | Surge PT: Strength & Results

What truly fuels Ashley’s motivation is the visible results she continues to witness and the unwavering support she receives from her trainer, Maria. Together, they have cultivated a partnership that empowers Ashley to push beyond her limits, embrace her journey, and celebrate her accomplishments.

Ashley’s story is a testament to the transformative power of personalized training and unwavering support. At Surge, we are honored to guide individuals like Ashley on their path to success, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve their fitness aspirations.

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