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Are you looking for a weight loss program that delivers results? 

At Surge: Strength & Results, we understand that weight loss and body transformation are more than just shedding pounds. Hence, we bring to you our scientifically proven successful weight loss training programs that have helped over 250+ clients transform their bodies. We will provide you with a personal weight loss trainer at our gym who addresses all your roadblocks and offers a comprehensive weight loss routine. The program combines tailored workouts targeting fat loss and muscle building and nutritional diet plans backed by experienced nutritionists to ensure success and life-lasting results

Moreover, our technology facilitates real-time feedback, making weight loss more manageable and enhancing the overall success rate. Our team of professional personal trainers in Singapore is internationally accredited and has been featured on top platforms like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Shape, Vanilla Luxury, etc., adding to our credibility and trust among clients. So, what’s stopping you from shredding those extra inches? Join us today!

Why Do You Need Our Personal Trainers for Weight Loss / Losing Fat

Emphasis on Strength Training

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While cardio is commonly endorsed for weight loss, strength training offers substantial benefits that can surpass traditional cardio workouts. This type of training burns calories during sessions and helps build and preserve muscle mass, which enhances and speeds up metabolism. 

A personal weight loss trainer ensures you perform exercises with the correct form and technique. It reduces the risk of injury and enhances the effectiveness of your workouts. Supervised sessions with a trainer improve your overall body composition and boost your strength, endurance, and the pace of weight loss.

Customized Fitness Regimen

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Male and female personal training is based on the needs of men and women, respectively. Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, weight loss personal trainers excel in tailoring exercise regimes to suit your goals, current fitness level, and any health considerations. Whether your focus is on shedding pounds or sculpting muscles, they adeptly integrate calorie-burning activities into your regimen.

Sustained Motivation

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Consistently showing up, pushing through physical barriers, and surpassing personal records necessitate persistent motivation. For most, a supportive presence is indispensable. They are proficient in exercise and nutrition and possess expertise in maintaining your confidence. They applaud your accomplishments, address lapses constructively, and propel you forward with encouragement.


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In every weight loss personal training program, there is a commitment to accountability. By enrolling in a program and engaging a professional, you naturally welcome candid feedback. Your weight loss trainer becomes a steadfast ally, commending progress and gently challenging setbacks. Scheduled check-ins minimize room for deviation, supporting your dedication and diminishing the appeal of skipping workouts or succumbing to unhealthy eating habits.

Increase Confidence & Body Image

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We guide you through a structured weight loss program that includes tailored exercises and nutritional guidance. As you shed excess body fat and build lean muscle, you may experience positive changes in your body composition, leading to a more toned and defined physique. Seeing these physical transformations can boost your confidence and enhance your overall appearance.

Achieve Life-Lasting Results

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Weight loss is not just about exercise; it also involves making sustainable lifestyle changes. We can help you identify areas where you can make positive changes, such as improving sleep patterns, managing stress, and adopting healthy habits outside of the gym.

Our Personal Trainer Programs For Weight Loss

We have a team of the best personal trainers who have decades of experience and hard work in creating successful workout and lifestyle regimes meant to ensure weight loss in a stipulated time frame. Here are all the deets on our weight loss program:

Targeting Stubborn Belly Fat

We understand the struggles associated with losing belly fat. Our program goes beyond basic calorie burning. We incorporate strategic exercise routines based on the science of fat mobilization, specifically targeting your midsection. Our certified trainers conduct in-depth assessments to create personalized workout plans that consider your current fitness level, any medical conditions, and your specific goals to ensure faster results.

Tailored Personal Training for Obesity

Our personal trainers suggest workouts that include lifting light weights and resistance exercises while strategically integrating short bursts of aerobic exercises to maximize fat burning and boost metabolism safely. This not only helps lose weight but also aids in treating obesity.

Emphasis on Healthy Nutritional Diets

Our program focuses on long-term health. We collaborate with experienced nutritionists to develop personalized meal plans rich in essential nutrients. These plans prioritize whole foods, promote a healthy metabolism, and keep you feeling satisfied, reducing cravings and aiding in portion control.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Surge Personal Trainer Singapore App for personal training on fat loss

We offer an integration with an advanced progress tracking tool with our apps, offering you real-time data on weight loss, body composition changes, and other key metrics. We conduct regular assessments to celebrate milestones, identify areas for improvement, and refine your plan as needed. This constant feedback loop keeps you engaged and ensures you are on track for long-term weight loss and improved well-being.

24/7 Trainer Support & Encouragement

Our trainer will always remain contactable to answer any questions and doubts you may have regarding the food you would like to eat based on your health conditions and whether it is suitable for your goals. Encouraging you mentally and emotionally every step of the way.


Surge: Strength & Results has a track record of helping 250+ clients lose weight and build muscle. We have the expertise and our recognized as a leading authority in rapid and significant fat loss.
Our professional personal trainers design customized exercise programs that include strength training and other forms of exercise, along with personalized dietary changes based on individual preferences and capabilities. By educating clients on proper techniques and forms for exercises, they ensure safety and effectiveness in workouts, maximizing weight loss impact while minimizing injury risks. As well as forming lifestyle habits that help one to have a life-lasting transformation
Our personal trainers track clients’ progress physically and with our apps that provide metrics such as weight, body measurements, and fitness assessments. It provides real-time feedback, keeping clients motivated and accountable. Technology integration with known apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Garmin, etc allows continuous guidance and assistance, making weight loss manageable and accessible.

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