Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Surge: Strength & Results: With our background in nursing and physiotherapy, we are able to assist our clients in their past and posture injuries without hurting themselves reaching their desired goals

personalized recovery program

Creating a tailored recovery program based on your specific needs and goals. We will consider factors such as your fitness level, injury history, and the type of exercise or activity you engage in. The program may include specific exercises, stretches, mobility work, and relaxation techniques that promote recovery and prevent further injury.

Technique & Form

Guidance in performing exercises with correct form and technique. This is crucial for effective and safe recovery. By ensuring proper movement patterns, your PT can help you avoid compensations or additional stress on injured areas, promoting healing and minimizing the risk of reinjury.

Pain management

If you experience pain or discomfort during or after exercise, we can guide you pain management techniques, such as appropriate use of ice or heat, self-massage, and gentle stretching & proper rest and recovery strategies to help alleviate pain and promote healing.

strength & stability

Strengthening the muscles around previous injury sites is crucial for stability and prevention of re-injury. We guide you through exercises that specifically target these areas, helping you regain strength and stability while promoting proper alignment and movement mechanics.

Empowering Support

We believe that it’s never too late for anyone to start no matter their background, providing ongoing support, encouragement, and motivation throughout their journey with us. Celebrating their achievements, no matter how small, and helping them to become the best version of themselves.

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