lost 15% body fat and gained 5% muscle mass
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lost 15% body fat and gained 5% muscle mass
“I never knew Personal Training could be so enjoyable and rewarding”

Meet Florence, a vibrant 45-year-old who decided it was time to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Faced with the challenge of being “skinny-fat” with minimal muscle tone, Florence embarked on a journey to transform herself into a stronger, fitter version of herself.

Entering Surge, Florence found more than just a gym – she found her sanctuary for growth and empowerment. With enthusiasm, she shares how her decision to join Surge has been nothing short of life-changing.

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Under the guidance of her trainer, Jacq, Florence discovered a newfound passion for fitness. Jacq’s dynamic approach to training made every session a joyous experience, where time seemed to fly by. With Jacq’s unwavering support and encouragement, Florence found herself pushing past her limits, achieving feats she never thought possible.

Through dedication and perseverance, Florence’s transformation speaks volumes. She proudly boasts a remarkable 17% reduction in body fat and a 5% increase in muscle mass. But her achievements don’t stop there. From mastering 15 full-man push-ups to conquering split squats with 16kg dumbbells in each hand and Romanian deadlifts with weights surpassing her own body weight, Florence exudes strength and determination.

Female Personal Training Feature Florence and Woman personal trainer Jacq

Reflecting on her journey, Florence marvels at her newfound abilities and eagerly anticipates further growth and strength as she continues her training. Her experience with Surge has been not only enjoyable but profoundly rewarding.

With infectious enthusiasm, Florence extends her heartfelt recommendation to anyone seeking to embark on their own fitness journey. For Florence, Surge isn’t just a gym – it’s a catalyst for transformation and empowerment. Join Surge today and discover the incredible potential within you.

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