36 weeks, 9.6kg and 9% Body Fat loss, Confidence Level Increased & Gain Lean Muscles
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“I highly recommend Surge to anyone who wants to get into their best shape. Their motivating approach really encourages personal growth and will help you stay committed to achieving your goals.”

Meet Ivy, a beautiful and fun-loving 29-year-old lady working in the education industry, who embarked on a life-changing journey with Surge’s personal training program.

Before joining Surge, Ivy struggled with past back injuries, weight management issues, and the challenge of gaining muscle mass. She had tried working with two other personal trainers from other gyms but saw no results. Fueled by the inspiring success stories she heard, Ivy decided to give Surge a try, determined to get in her best shape before turning thirty.

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And what a transformation it has been! In just 36 weeks, Ivy shed 9.5 kg, reduced her body fat by 12%, and achieved the incredible feat of squatting and deadlifting above her own body weight. Her confidence has skyrocketed, and she feels stronger and healthier than ever. Best of all, her back injuries have significantly improved, leaving her pain-free and revitalized.

Ivy’s heartfelt gratitude goes to her amazing coach, Marc. His expertise in dietary strategies and his keen eye for perfect form and technique made all the difference. With Marc by her side, Ivy felt supported, safe, and motivated every step of the way. Training with Marc has been a joyous and uplifting experience, filled with laughter and growth.

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Ivy’s journey with Surge has been nothing short of magical. She wholeheartedly recommends Surge to anyone wanting to achieve their best shape. The love and motivation at Surge inspire personal growth, helping individuals stay committed to their goals and transform their lives with joy and passion.

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