7.2 kg Dropped, 10% Body Fat Loss, Energy Improved
personal training for Belly Fat

7.2 kg Dropped, 10% Body Fat Loss, Energy Improved

Take the leap of faith and challenge yourself even if it scares you

Introducing Jaselyn, a social worker and soon-to-be bride. Contrary to expectations, she did not join SURGE just for a physical transformation, but ultimately to better her health. At that time, she struggled with various health issues like poor sleep, heart palpitations due to work, and poor nutrition.

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These habits left her feeling constantly fatigued until she found SURGE. Her trainer, Iris, played a vital role in both tailoring a systematic plan to meet Jaselyn’s goals and motivating her to learn to be comfortable outside of her comfort zone.
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Within 24 weeks, other than seeing her abs for the first time, Jaselyn’s sleep quality and energy level improved remarkably. The frequency of the previous troubling health symptoms subsided greatly. She can feel herself becoming significantly stronger physically and mentally. Her transformation is truly an amazing debut to her long-term goal of a fitter 30s than her 20s!

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