Khairul Adil

Foodie buddy losing 78kg to 65.5kg in 24 weeks!
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Final Stats:

Body Weight: 78 kg to 65.5 kg
Body Fat: 27.22% to 15.9%

Khairul began his fitness journey as he was not happy with his body composition. He wanted to lose body fat and build muscle at the same time. Although he was a big foodie, he knew he had to make changes to his lifestyle and diet in order to reach his fitness goal.

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We broke down his goals into 2 phases, where the first one consisted of losing body fat till he reached his goal body fat%. Despite the challenges faced in terms of social events and gatherings, he managed to navigate through his nutrition aspects while consistently getting his training and cardio sessions done

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After 24 weeks, Khairul reached his goal body fat and gained valuable insights into training and nutrition.

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