Mabel Wee

Weight loss, pain-free movement with past injuries scoliosis

Final stats (6 months)

Body Weight : 60.7 kg —> 52.6 kg
BodyFat : 35.8% —> 25.6%
Arm : 29 cm —> 25.5cm
Hips: 103 cm —> 93,5 cm
Thigh 55.5 cm —> 49 cm
Waist 81.5 cm —> 67 cm

Mabel came to train with Surge along with her husband Aaron. They went through the program together but had different goals. Mabel aimed at losing weight because she wanted to be able to fit back into her pre-pandemic dresses, and worked towards pain-free movement/ living.
She has scoliosis which causes hip and knee joint pain and we managed to successfully work around those issues while making her muscles (especially the core) stronger.
Overall she lost 8 kg over 6 months (from 60.7 to 52.6 kg) and was happy to find out that all the dresses fit again! She also says that her understanding of nutrition has changed completely and she now knows how to maintain the weight.

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