7.5 kg dropped, 9.8% body fat loss in 12 weeks
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Meet Mustafa, a dynamic and inspiring 38-year-old civil servant! Before discovering Surge, Mustafa struggled with a slipped disc, constant lethargy, inconsistent sleep, and unhealthy eating habits. Eager to lead a healthier lifestyle, regain strength & function in his lower back, and boost his energy, Mustafa embarked on a journey of transformation with Surge

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By tracking his daily calories, and pushing him to his limits in the gym, Shaakir played a crucial role in keeping Mustafa motivated and focused on his goals. Shaakir instilled a sense of responsibility for Mustafa’s health and fitness, all while ensuring workouts were safe and effective

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In just 12 weeks, the results were astounding! Mustafa lost 7.5 kg, reduced his body fat by 9.8%, and unveiled a set of shredded abs he never thought possible. This incredible transformation not only skyrocketed Mustafa’s self-confidence but also significantly enhanced his overall fitness. His days are now filled with boundless energy, restful nights of sleep, and newfound strength and flexibility in his lower back.

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