Osman Jarkas

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Prior to joining Surge, Osman primarily engaged in recreational sports such as tennis and swimming for his exercise regimen. However, he desired to take his fitness journey to the next level by gaining lean muscle mass and achieving a healthier balance between calorie burn and consumption. It was during his training at Surge that Osman not only experienced physical transformations but also gained a newfound understanding of nutrition, an area he had limited knowledge of previously.

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The combination of weight training and cardio exercises provided by Surge enabled Osman to make significant progress towards his fitness goals. Moreover, the guidance and education he received on nutrition proved to be invaluable, as it empowered him to make informed choices about his dietary intake. This newfound knowledge, paired with the comprehensive workout program, contributed to a remarkable improvement in Osman’s overall health and well-being.

In addition to the physical and nutritional aspects, Osman also made lifestyle changes to support his fitness journey. By incorporating early morning workouts into his routine, he kickstarted his days with a burst of energy and gained extra time in the evenings for other activities. This shift in his daily schedule not only enhanced his productivity but also reinforced his commitment to his health and fitness.

Through his dedication, guidance from the Surge team, and the implementation of a well-rounded approach encompassing exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle adjustments, Osman experienced a holistic transformation. He not only achieved his desired lean muscle mass but also developed a greater sense of well-being, confidence, and balance in his overall lifestyle.

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