Tim I.

MUSCLE GAINED, 26kg dropped, 16% body fat loss

Don’t overthink it, take the plunge and you won’t regret it!

MUSCLE GAINED, 26kg dropped, 16% body fat loss

Tim struggled with his health and fitness after getting out of shape during the pandemic with his weight ballooning to 93kg. Upon joining Surge, he aimed to shed a few kgs but after seeing early positive results, we settled on 67kg as his goal weight.


Crucial for Tim, he aimed to get healthier and fitter while turning 40 and becoming a new dad this year.

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Despite traveling for several weeks midway through the program, Tim admirably recentered his efforts on our goal of 1% weekly body fat reduction. Notably, he not only shed weight but also attained muscle mass and even developed abs. We take immense pride in contributing to his triumphant journey!


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