Arjun Before and after


In 10 weeks , Body Weight: 70 kg to 62.5 kg (7.5 kg Lost) & Body Fat: 15.8% to 8.6% (7.1% Body Fat Lost)


A little progress each day adds up to big results.

Final Stats:

Body Weight: 70 kg to 62.5 kg (7.5 kg Lost)
Body Fat: 15.8% to 8.6% (7.1% Body Fat Lost)
Waist: 80.5 cm to 73 cm
Shoulder: 115 cm to 111 cm


40 KG Trap Bar Deadlift to 80 kg
12 kg DB Bench  Press to 20 KG
Not being able to do a hip hinge, to doing 65 KG BB RDL for 8 reps

Arjun began his fitness journey with me in March 2023. Despite already being an active individual with a passion for running, he was still dissatisfied with his body composition and specifically wanted to lose body fat and build muscle to improve it.

Together, we developed a short-term plan to lose body fat and a long-term plan to build muscle, with the aim of priming his body to build muscle more effectively. To achieve this, we worked on getting out of a calorie deficit as soon as possible after achieving a lean physique to enter a prolonged gaining phase.

We utilized planned refeeds during the 10-week period to effectively manipulate carbohydrates for maximum benefits leading up to his anticipated photoshoot.


As for his caloric and macronutrient intake, Arjun started on a 1600 calorie diet and only had two adjustments made to his total caloric intake, with the lowest being 1400 calories.

Despite having two working trips, lasting a week each, within the 10 weeks, we were able to navigate his nutrition plan and ensure he stayed on track due to his remarkable consistency and adherence.


The outcome: In only 10 weeks, Arjun went from 15.4% body fat to 8.7% while dropping his weight from 70 kg to 62.5 kg.

He not only experienced a significant improvement in his body composition but also noticed he was running at a faster pace with stronger legs and quicker recovery times.

Now that we have achieved his short-term objective, we have started implementing a reverse diet plan that will gradually increase his caloric intake to improve his metabolic capacity and spend a longer time in a caloric surplus to build lean tissue.

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