How Much Does Personal Training Cost in Singapore

Unpacking the Cost: How Much Does Personal Training Cost in Singapore?

Let’s face it, getting in shape and reaching your fitness goals can be tough. You might have the drive, but navigating the world of gyms, workout routines, and proper form can feel daunting. That’s where personal trainers come in – certified professionals who design personalized programs, guide your technique and motivate you to push your limits. But before you jump into signing up for sessions, a crucial question arises: how much does personal training cost in Singapore?

The Price Spectrum of Personal Training Sessions

The short answer? It varies. In Singapore, personal training fees can range anywhere from SGD$60 to SGD$350 per session. This wide price spread can be attributed to several factors:

      • Trainer Experience: Seasoned trainers with a proven track record and specialized certifications will naturally command higher fees.

      • Gym Location & Facilities: Training at a high-end gym in the heart of the city will likely cost more than a session at a neighbourhood gym with basic equipment.

      • Your Fitness Goals: Are you aiming for weight loss or and fat loss or just hoping to get fit? More intricate goals often require a higher level of trainer expertise and a proper structure, know-how, and most importantly, a layer of accountability that has an impact on the cost.

      • Commitment: Yes, commitment matters.



    Personal Training Cost Singapore

    Top 2 Personal Training Gyms in Singapore (Based on Google Reviews)

        1. Surge Strength & Results: Renowned for their results-oriented and hyper-care approach to their clients immediate needs, are a rapidly growing PT gym in Singapore.
        2. Ultimate Performance Singapore: The pioneers of results oriented personal training in Singapore that have been around since 2014.

      Is the Price Worth the Sweat? Factors to Consider

      While the cost might seem like a barrier at first glance, consider these factors before making a decision:

          • Your Budget: Personal training is an investment in your health and well-being. Be honest about what you can comfortably afford on a monthly basis.

          • The Value Proposition: A good trainer doesn’t just design workouts; they become your accountability partner, form coach, and cheerleader. Consider the overall value you’re getting beyond just the session itself.

          • Your Fitness Level & Goals: If you’re a beginner, a basic program might be sufficient. However, if you have specific goals, a more experienced trainer might be worth the higher fee.

          • Chemistry & Communication: Finding a trainer whose personality and communication style mesh well with yours is crucial for long-term success. Be hyper-aware during a consultation as to the “vibe” you get from the gym and ask them about their trainer allocation process.

        Personal Training Price Singapore

        Beyond the Personal Training Cost: Additional Considerations

        Here are some other factors to keep in mind when embarking on your personal training journey:

            • Complimentary Consultations: Most reputable trainers offer free consultations to discuss your goals and determine if they’re a good fit.

            • Packages: Inquire about package deals and payment terms tailored to your needs

            • Gym Membership Fees: Most gyms these days offer package commitments free from any additional membership or admin fees. 

            • Alternative Options: Consider online personal training for a more budget-friendly option and if you are already very experienced. Keep in mind that the personal touch will not exist in this equation.

          Remember: Price shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor. Invest in a trainer who aligns with your goals, motivates you, and possesses the expertise to guide you safely and effectively on your fitness journey.

          Bonus Tip: By understanding the cost factors, and prioritizing VALUE over price, you can find the perfect personal training fit to help you achieve your fitness aspirations in Singapore!

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