When we first spoke with Jhon, he had a burning desire to achieve a six pack at the age of 50 but was skeptical whether he could sustain through the entire training program. He had taken up personal training in the past but the motivation never seemed to last and often dropped off halfway. Moreover, he has never enjoyed strenuous physical activity and didn’t bother to really watch his diet.

We kept in mind not to make too drastic a change to his lifestyle and split his training into 4 to 5 days instead of the classic 3-day routine. The program focused on a high frequency/ low volume / medium intensity workout. And yes, no cardio by his request 🙂 On the nutrition side, we factor in most of Jhon’s favourite foods but adjusted the quantity according to his activity level, while allowing some ‘fun’ meals every week. This also had a positive psychological impact on Jhon and drastically reduced his binge snacking habits.

Week after week, Jhon kept getting stronger and his physique became noticeably leaner. What seemed like mission impossible at the beginning was now becoming more real. By the time we did his photoshoot, Jhon’s six pack was clearly visible.

Now that it is 1 month after the shoot, he is still maintaining his physique and looked better than ever! Our goal with Jhon (and every other Surge client) from the very beginning was to help him achieve a sustainable transformation. Instead of making drastic changes, we fit in the right amount of training and healthy eating into his lifestyle so that he can continue with this journey for life. And that is truly the key to a sustainable transformation which many speak about but few ever achieved.
“If there’s a will, there IS a way”

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