Jun Yong

8.6kg dropped, 7.69% body fat loss, 16 weeks

Goal : Health markers improvement, reduce high cholesterol level, fat loss

Final stats :

Time Frame : 4 months
Body Weight
: 70kg ~> 61.4kg
Body Fat : 16.45% ~> 8.76%


“Trust the process, you’ll be amazed by the results, the trainer at Surge can bring you”

Jun Yong does shift hours for his job that he’s been in for close to a decade and that has significantly impacted his health due to irregular meal times and sleeping routine. That caused his cholesterol level to be concerningly high and since joining SURGE, it has dropped to a healthy range. 


Being better equipped with nutritional knowledge, he was able to eat well even during his graveyard shifts (i.e. convenient meal prepping) instead of having the usual fast foods. It was a concrete positive shift in his lifestyle which he found benefited his energy level too. 

As someone who has been working shift hours with unpredictable off days in the week, Jun Yong never saw it as a priority to engage in hobbies outside of his job anymore. However since joining SURGE, he realized how much the 2 hours in the gym weekly for himself have improved his mental health. Leading up to the shoot, there were several times where people around him expressed concern and questioned his purpose for this fitness journey


However it only further propelled him to soldier through as he became more aware of how health is very personal. Jun Yong understands that no one will know it better than him the benefits he’s reaping from strength training and eating well. Moving forward, the goal is to build more muscle mass and maintain satisfactory health markers as he welcomes his firstborn. 

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