Rashi Tyagi

Become leaner, build strength, persistent low back pain, Indian vegetarian diet

Final stats 9 months

Body Weight : 64 kg —> 55.4 kg (9 kg)
BodyFat : 26.48% —> 19.37%
Shoulders: 100.4 cm —> 95 cm
Hips: 101 cm —> 92.2 cm
Thigh 54 cm —> 47 cm
Waist 84 cm —> 71.2 cm

Rashmi had some experience with strength training before but didn’t see any considerable changes in her body weight or appearance. She joined Surge upon the recommendation of her friend Amrita. Initially, Rashi was skeptical about potential results.
She leads a busy lifestyle as a full-time working professional, a new mom, and an enthusiastic traveler. All of that combined, plus a permanent sleep deficit, made it difficult for Rashi to lose weight in the past. But she tried her best to stick with exercises twice a week, reintroduced weekly runs into her routine, and upon my recommendation, explored vegetarian proteins that were new to her. And gradually we started seeing progress. Over the course of her journey, Rashi lost 9 kg of body fat and achieved the targeted weight of 55 kg.

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